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Blackout BASH SEPT 30th at 5pm,
come and meet Qadry Ismail, enter
raffles, 50/50's participate in the
silent benefit the Spina
Bifida Foundation of MD.
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Years ago I decided that Baltimore needs an identity at M&T!  Move those chains? DE-FENSE? These are NOT good
enough for Baltimore. The Song “Who Let The Dogs Out?” was good for 2001, but those dogs are long gone now.

We are in a great position this year to make great things happen...Q on offense, Ray out of the backfield, Mt. Cody,
Stallworth, the three headed monster in the backfield, Ray Ray on the inside, T Sizzle, BIG ED REED, Flacco, Price,
NGATA! We are poised to make a run this year for the Super Bowl! Help me BLACKOUT M&T. I am a local artist and a
die hard fan looking to break decibel levels on our way to a championship run. Get your gear today and watch as we
become the most feared stadium to play in for years to come!

Baltimore Blackout was designed to create mayhem – for the fans, the city, and the players. Imagine
70,000 of
our black towels filling the stadium from the field to the sky. Imagine drowning out those puke
colored towels and creating the
ultimate fan experience – THE BLACKOUT! This is the year of the
. The year we make a run towards Lombardi, beat teams by sheer dominance, and show the league that
champions come from Baltimore…period

Its been done in the past in Georgia, check these videos out!

University of Georgia BLACKOUT

Check us out on WBAL on 9/26/2010:
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Be a part of the New Baltimore Tradition and help
us BLACKOUT M&T Bank Stadium. Lets show the
league the true meaning of the 12th man phenomenon.


Proceeds support The Spina Bifida Association of
9/30 - Baltimore Blackout's 2nd
Annual Blackout Bash at Looneys
North Bel Air MD.

Prizes, giveaways, raffles, 50/50's,
silent auctions on site local
businesses and more...

Come and Meet former RAVEN and
Superbowl Champion QADRY ISMAIL
at the event.